Where will you keep your most treasured possessions?

What happens to wedding dresses after that special day? Where is your mom's dress, or for that matter even your own dress? Is it in the attic, in the garage, or hanging in the closet gathering dust? Maybe it's confined
to a hermetically sealed box never to be seen again? What will become of your beautiful wedding dress after that special day? Will it too be stored away, gathering dust, or would you rather cherish the memories made
on your wedding day by displaying
your dress.

Heirloom Shadow Boxes
protect and display your
priceless treasures.

Our lighted Shadow Boxes are perfect for displaying a wedding dress with veil, purse and shoes, a military uniform, keepsakes and heirlooms ... treasures that have sentimental value to you and your family.

The Shadow Boxes are illuminated with 100% LED lighting that does not emit ultraviolet radiation or heat that could damage material. This type of light adds to the shadowy effect that


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The inspiration behind
Heirloom Shadow Boxes!

The idea for a lighted Shadow Box capable of displaying large items such as wedding dress with veil, purse and shoes, military uniforms, etc. came about when I was given my great grandmother’s wedding dress. It was then, that I decided I wanted to display the dress
in my home.

Since my husband had years of experience designing and building custom cabinets, he designed and built a custom Shadow Box for me. 
I received so many compliments from friends that had seen the Shadow Box displaying my great grandmother’s wedding dress and purse, that I realized there is a need as well as a desire to display family heirlooms such as that very special wedding dress. Now, with our Shadow Boxes, you can display your sentimental keepsakes instead of leaving them to gather dust in
the attic.

Measures 32" w x 48" h x 11" d

makes for a stunning visual display. LED lights are operated by the touch of an electronic touch button on the bottom of the shadow box.

What a pristine way to display the wedding dress of your dreams as a visual memory of your own special day while being displayed in your home.



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